roots reimagined

A Holiday Musical Reflection

Every year (beginning with last year) my sister and I get together to play a song around the holidays and post it on YouTube to share with friends and family. Above is this years attempt at covering Slow Club’s “Christmas TV”. And while it is by no means perfect, but it is by all means personal. My sister tends to attack our acoustic covers with an acute understanding of indie music and up-and-coming YouTube artists, while I throw in my vibrant backgrounds in pop punk, Romantic classical and contemporary bluegrass.

Do they necessarily make sense together? Perhaps not. But when looking at the video above I can certainly see how my experience as a bassist urges me to play my guitar without a pick, or how we both like to sing with a bit of an accent not because Slow Club is English but because we both have a strange fascination with the British. It seems obvious to point out how our musical roots influence our musical offerings, but often we don’t get a chance to really see what that means until we sit down and do something truly organic with our music.

I’m posting the video here not because I want to shamelessly self-promote (although it certainly doesn’t hurt). I want to post an example of two artists who have vastly different backgrounds in music coming together to do something as part of a unified whole. If you’re a musician yourself, I urge you to spend part of whatever holiday break you have to explore your own roots and play something meaningful. What does your playing say about you? What habits — good and bad — are a result of what you’ve listened to or how you’ve learned to play an instrument?

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